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Experience a little bit of heaven...wear alpaca!

Hand Dyed Hats - So Cute!!

Spinner's rovings - natural colors

Welcome to the Merrimac Alpacas store! We are excited by the ever expanding uses for the beautiful fiber of the alpaca and happy to be able to provide you with a selection of beautiful and useful products made from it. Whether you desire a beautiful and warm garment or you are a spinner, knitter or fiber artist and need that special yarn, or roving for your next creation we are committed to helping you find the perfect product for you!

Alpaca has rightly been called the "fiber of the gods". It's unique properties make it one of the most highly sought luxury fibers in the world. Alpaca comes in over 22 natural colors. Lacking the oils or lanolin found in other types of fibers, alpaca does not have the "prickle factor" and can be worn by those who are allergic to wool or other fleece.
A garment made from alpaca will be lightweight, soft and much warmer than anything made from wool. A quality alpaca garment will also last for a very long time with very simple care.

Have fun shopping our store! We're always adding new items so you never know what you'll find!