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We have very few alpacas left in our herd...but the ones we have are awesome!!!!! We still need and want them to go to great homes and serious breeders. Every one of the critters that we have listed is value you can add to your herd!
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The Merrimac "Class of 2012"
Merrimac's Sasha

Our FFA kids showing at the Fair

Well gang, we’re coming down the home stretch here. Most of the Merrimac herd has been sold (we only have 11 animals left and that's including 2012 crias) and are going to some wonderful breeders and good friends. A big Thank You and Congratulations to:
LeeAnna & Ron Jorgenson of Pronkin’ Pastures Alpacas, Greg & Leanna Stidham of Firwood Farm Alpacas, Melissa, Jacob, Jean and Mike of Phoenix Heritage Farm , Brenda & Tom McLaughlin of Dragonlair Alpacas, Kimberly Pahl of Bluemenau Alpacas and Suzanne Thomas and Rod Thomas of Snow Mountain Alpacas. We are looking forward to seeing the beautiful cria you’ll be having!
We’re now coming up on our 11 year anniversary of our wonderful and wondrous adventure with these fantastic animals and we can really see the result of our hard work in the quality of our herd. So this is a bittersweet time for us but the fact is that we must move soon and the rest of our herd must be sold right away. To that end, we’ve lowered the prices on these guys to extremely low levels.
Over the past 11 years, we have incorporated a wide variety of the finest alpaca genetics into our breeding program. We consistently bred for healthy alpacas with an eye towards correct conformation and fine fleece characteristics. As a result, we have done well in the show ring over the years and, although we have not done much showing in the past 3 years, we wouldn’t hesitate to show any animal listed here.
We have been very “hands on”, so the alpacas in our herd are calm and friendly. Our females are easily bred, give birth easily, have a ton of milk and have been awesome mothers to their cria. Over 11 years we have rarely had a problem birth or a need to intervene.
We want any alpacas we sell to have a good home and the best way to assure that is for us to help you in any way we can We have great confidence in the future of the alpaca breeding and fiber industry and feel this is a great time to get started in it. After 11 years of doing this, we have lots of experience to draw on to help you on your way and we’re very happy to do it. It’s a winning situation all the way around - you give these guys a good home - they give you beautiful cria, alpaca kisses and that “alpaca lifestyle”.
Take a look. Give us a call. Shoot us an email or come and see us. The prices we’ve posted for this sale show how serious we are and as low as they are, if you purchase more than 1 animal or a package, you’ll get additional discounts. We can talk financing as well.

We offer 0% financing for up to 12 months with a 1/4 down and minimum monthly payments. If you've got another plan you'd like to propose...let's talk. Ownership of alpaca shall be transferred upon payment in full.